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  • A Nonconformist’s View image

    A Nonconformist’s View

    Despite being a friendly observer of the Church of England, and admiring many of its members (living and dead) I have never felt any particular attraction to it. A... Read more
  • Differing from Driscoll image

    Differing from Driscoll

    In typically forthright tones, Mark Driscoll has warned parents against taking their daughters to see the final instalment of the Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, 2:... Read more
  • Book Review: For Us and For Our Salvation image

    Book Review: For Us and For Our Salvation

    Following the debate Andrew and I enjoyed earlier in the year about the extent of the atonement, Lee Gatiss sent me a copy of his book on the subject, For Us and For Our... Read more
  • Four More Years: Good or Bad?

    I’ve been offline the past couple of days as I have been in a coaching session where there was limited internet access. This means that I haven’t tracked the... Read more
  • Further Impressions of Istanbul image

    Further Impressions of Istanbul

    A couple of weeks after Andrew was in Istanbul I, too, paid a visit. Like Andrew, I was caught up by the magnificence and history of the city – the vista of dome and... Read more
  • Ears to Hear image

    Ears to Hear

    I wonder how much time over the years I have spent in discussions about the use of spiritual gifts – it must add up to hundreds of hours. Very often this discussion... Read more
  • Sacred Space image

    Sacred Space

    I come from a church tradition that has a very utilitarian approach to church buildings. We have insisted that “church” = “people” and so to call a building a... Read more
  • A Tale of Two Cities image

    A Tale of Two Cities

    In thinking about the way in which the church should be missional and culturally engaged Jeremiah 29:4-7 has become something of a touchstone. Read more
  • Fallen Heroes image

    Fallen Heroes

    As a child in the ‘70’s, Jimmy Saville was the face of my Saturday evenings. As a young man in the late ‘90’s, Lance Armstrong helped kindle my passion for... Read more
  • Being Bemused Is Not An Argument image

    Being Bemused Is Not An Argument

    Andrew’s posts on gender have highlighted how complementarians and egalitarians often talk past one another. Sometimes the lenses through which we view an issue mean... Read more