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  • Knowing and Understanding image

    Knowing and Understanding

    A friend who has just started a theology degree emailed me the following questions. Before I respond to her I’d be interested in what the readers of this blog would... Read more
  • Believing what we Believe

    In a recent radio broadcast, philosopher John Gray argued that the scientific and rationalist attack on religion is misguided and atheist critics do not realise that... Read more
  • Adopted As Sons image

    Adopted As Sons

    Reproductive ethics is a deeply controversial subject. Read more
  • How big are you? And what are you? image

    How big are you? And what are you?

    If you have been around church for any time at all you will no doubt have been asked these questions. Whenever Christians from different churches (or... Read more
  • Politics According to the Bible? image

    Politics According to the Bible?

    At this year's Together on a Mission conference in Brighton, I was part of the team that took three seminars reflecting on different Christian authors. Having looked at... Read more
  • Hail the Holidays! image

    Hail the Holidays!

    Today is my last day in the office before taking a couple of weeks off on holiday (that’s ‘vacation’ to our American readers!). So the past couple of days has been... Read more
  • Brian Haw is dead image

    Brian Haw is dead

    For ten years Haw kept vigil, protesting the British military involvement in Iraq – and earning opprobrium and admiration in equal measure as his makeshift peace camp... Read more
  • The Ultimate Injunction image

    The Ultimate Injunction

    I recently preached from 1 Corinthians about the gift of tongues. However, rather than diving straight into the subject of glossolalia itself, I began by spending some... Read more
  • The Death of Bin Laden image

    The Death of Bin Laden

    As more details emerge about the operation that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden, more questions are inevitably being asked. Rowan Williams has stepped into this... Read more
  • Without memory, who are we? image

    Without memory, who are we?

    Remembering is central to the Christian life.

    Remembering is actually central to all of life, although something we often take for granted. It is when we see someone...
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