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What is THINK?

THINK is a collaboration of thinkers and writers who are passionate about the Church, and who enjoy spending time wrestling with deep theological questions and helping others to engage with them.

The core team of contributors (Andrew, Jennie and Matthew) share responsibility for producing the majority of the content for the website. Guest contributors also provide valuable comment, although on a less frequent basis.

THINK started as a Newfrontiers blog, but the increasingly decentralised structure of Newfrontiers means there is really now no way we can be said to be expressing the thoughts, let alone the position, of Newfrontiers on any given issue. We’re really just a group of friends thinking theologically - that’s why we think it’s OK to disagree with each other about important things: politics, pacifism, limited atonement, multisite, justification, video preaching, the ordo salutis, and so on. We’re not confessional, so we don’t have an official document that contributors to the blog have to sign up to. We partner together because we are friends, and want to strengthen our relationships with one another, sharpen our thinking and be a resource to the wider body of Christ.

Almost all of our contributors are working at the coalface of church life, so what we write is forged in the furnace of teaching and pastoring the people of God. While some posts are academic in style, they are not detached from real life.

Peter writes to the churches under his care in order to “stimulate you to wholesome thinking” (2 Pet 3:1). It’s our hope that together we can be a wonderful resource to the Church, engaging not just “theologians”, but all who want to understand more about God. We want to play our part in developing of the next generation of thought leaders who in turn will train, teach and equip across the Church in the years to come.