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    Show Me!

    I’ve been enjoying Andrew’s series on the comp/egal debate, and was pleased that in his most recent post he ended up pretty much where I told him he should when he... Read more
  • Happy Birthday to us! image

    Happy Birthday to us!

    The What You Think Matters site has just passed its first anniversary. Read more
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    Ashes to Ashes

    One of the books I currently have on the go is the autobiography of Paddy Ashdown, A Fortunate Life. I was never that convinced by Ashdown the politician, but he... Read more
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    The Ultimate Social Network

    Do you remember life before Facebook? It might feel like the social networking site has been with us forever, but it only launched in 2004, and initially could only be... Read more
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    Handled: Part 5

    OK – last post on this subject. (Was never meant to be five posts anyway, but I just keep seeing stuff!) Read more
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    Handled, Part 4

    When it comes to interpersonal conflict we tend to be quick to apportion blame, say “that wasn’t handled well” and feel a measure of resentment towards the other... Read more
  • War & Peace, Part 2

    In my first post on this subject I looked at a broad historical overview of Christian attitudes towards war, and then yesterday Liam did a great job of explaining the... Read more
  • War & Peace, Part 1 image

    War & Peace, Part 1

    Liam’s recent post on mixed martial arts, and the various debates that swirl around Armistice Day and Remembrance Sunday have got me thinking again about violence and... Read more
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    Handled, Part 3

    At a recent Newfrontiers wider leaders gathering the brilliant Phil Moore spoke compellingly about lessons from the life of William Booth. A couple of biblical... Read more
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    Not Terminal

    One of the things that always amazes me when I fly to and from South Africa is just how big Africa is. Read more