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  • The Benevolence of Santa Claus image

    The Benevolence of Santa Claus

    As a child I was faced with a phenomenon requiring explanation. I hung up at the end of my bed an empty stocking, which in the morning became a full stocking. I had not... Read more
  • Welcome and Witness image

    Welcome and Witness

    On the final episode of our Post-Christianity podcast we are joined by the excellent Rebecca McLaughlin (who, by the way, is joining us at THINK 2024). We talk about how... Read more
  • Books of the Year 2023 image

    Books of the Year 2023

    Choosing a book of the year is incredibly difficult. How do you compare a witty, creative and thrilling novel like Rebecca Kuang's Yellowface with Emily Wilson's... Read more
  • Faith and Fruitfulness image

    Faith and Fruitfulness

    Episode 7 of our Post-Christianity podcast is out today. Glen and I get practical on the ways in which Christians can respond to the all the developments we've been... Read more
  • Selves and Psychologies image

    Selves and Psychologies

    The sixth of our eight Post-Christianity episodes has just dropped. Glen and I talk to Carl Trueman about selves, psychologies and individualism: Read more
  • Progress and Progressivism image

    Progress and Progressivism

    In this episode, Glen and I talk about progress: on slavery, human rights, civil rights, the sexual revolution, and the dashing of hope by two world wars. We consider... Read more
  • The First Sexual Revolution image

    The First Sexual Revolution

    In this week's episode of the Post-Christianity podcast, Glen and I are joined by Kyle Harper, author of From Shame to Sin and Professor of Classics and Letters at the... Read more
  • The Unity of Isaiah image

    The Unity of Isaiah

    Lots of modern interpreters read Isaiah 29:17-24 as if it was written after the exile by a redactor, hundreds of years after Isaiah, and inserted into a (mostly)... Read more
  • Protestant Paganism image

    Protestant Paganism

    The third episode of our Post-Christianity podcast is now out, and Glen thinks it's the best of the eight. It's called "How the West Was Spun: Protestants and Pagans,"... Read more
  • Post-Christianity? Contingencies and Convictions image

    Post-Christianity? Contingencies and Convictions

    The second episode of Post-Christianity? is now up. Glen and I discuss the relationship between convictions and ideas on the one hand, and contingencies and material... Read more