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  • Books of the Year 2021 image

    Books of the Year 2021

    One of the silver linings of lockdown - and if you're a tactile, extrovert pastor there weren't many - was being able to read a lot of wonderful books this year. Many of... Read more
  • Onions, Not Artichokes image

    Onions, Not Artichokes

    This is a zinger of an analogy (and a great piece in general) from the Bishop of Kensington, Graham Tomlin, in The Times on Saturday: Read more
  • No Plato, No Scripture image

    No Plato, No Scripture

    "Without a good dose of Plato, it becomes difficult to retain the teaching of Scripture," declares Hans Boersma in his deeply thought-provoking new book, Five Things... Read more
  • Theological Compatibilism image

    Theological Compatibilism

    Were Christians to teach a doctrine of inspiration that truly and directly taught divine dictation, the Divine would be understood to destroy the human through its own... Read more
  • The Genius of Jesus’s Teachings image

    The Genius of Jesus’s Teachings

    "The Gospels are close to nine hours long," begins Peter Williams in this excellent series of mini-lectures on the genius of Jesus. "About 47.5% of the Gospels is Jesus... Read more
  • A Fascinating New Study on Religion and Poverty image

    A Fascinating New Study on Religion and Poverty

    A fascinating new study on the connections between religion, poverty and mental health has just been published, summarised here by The Economist: Read more
  • Grace, Works and Raducanu image

    Grace, Works and Raducanu

    When Andy Murray won his first grand slam in 2012, writes the journalist Ian Leslie, it was a struggle against adversity coloured by grit and determination. When Emma... Read more
  • Bad Church Leadership image

    Bad Church Leadership

    The Mars Hill podcast has prompted a host of good questions about bad church leadership and what to do about it. In this week's Mere Fidelity episode I talk about it... Read more
  • THINK 2021 Sessions Now Available image

    THINK 2021 Sessions Now Available

    The sessions from our 2021 conference with Peter Leithart, on Theological History, 1&2 Kings and the Post-Christian West, are now available. Enjoy: Read more
  • A Guide to Finding Faith image

    A Guide to Finding Faith

    There is a marvellous example of how to do thoughtful apologetics from Ross Douthat in this Sunday's New York Times: Read more