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  • How Should Christians Think About Gun Control? image

    How Should Christians Think About Gun Control?

    A few weeks ago I had the privilege of debating Bob Thune over the issue of gun control, as the first of The Gospel Coalition's "Good Faith Debates." (The idea is to... Read more
  • What Burnout Really Is image

    What Burnout Really Is

    I'm being very quiet around here at the moment, because I'm trying to finish my 1776 project, but this insight was so helpful I wanted to share it. Russell Moore, in an... Read more
  • The Anchor image

    The Anchor

    This is a beautiful four minute spoken word from Gabriel Porras, connecting our need for hope with the promise of Christmas. We used it in our Christmas carol services... Read more
  • Books of the Year 2021 image

    Books of the Year 2021

    One of the silver linings of lockdown - and if you're a tactile, extrovert pastor there weren't many - was being able to read a lot of wonderful books this year. Many of... Read more
  • Onions, Not Artichokes image

    Onions, Not Artichokes

    This is a zinger of an analogy (and a great piece in general) from the Bishop of Kensington, Graham Tomlin, in The Times on Saturday: Read more
  • No Plato, No Scripture image

    No Plato, No Scripture

    "Without a good dose of Plato, it becomes difficult to retain the teaching of Scripture," declares Hans Boersma in his deeply thought-provoking new book, Five Things... Read more
  • Theological Compatibilism image

    Theological Compatibilism

    Were Christians to teach a doctrine of inspiration that truly and directly taught divine dictation, the Divine would be understood to destroy the human through its own... Read more
  • The Genius of Jesus’s Teachings image

    The Genius of Jesus’s Teachings

    "The Gospels are close to nine hours long," begins Peter Williams in this excellent series of mini-lectures on the genius of Jesus. "About 47.5% of the Gospels is Jesus... Read more
  • A Fascinating New Study on Religion and Poverty image

    A Fascinating New Study on Religion and Poverty

    A fascinating new study on the connections between religion, poverty and mental health has just been published, summarised here by The Economist: Read more
  • Grace, Works and Raducanu image

    Grace, Works and Raducanu

    When Andy Murray won his first grand slam in 2012, writes the journalist Ian Leslie, it was a struggle against adversity coloured by grit and determination. When Emma... Read more