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  • Hard To Believe Anyone Would Be So Stupid image

    Hard To Believe Anyone Would Be So Stupid

    Lillian Guild tells an amusing story of an occasion when she and her husband were driving along and happened to notice a late-model Cadillac with its hood up, parked at... Read more
  • Responding to a Traumatic Week image

    Responding to a Traumatic Week

    It is difficult to know what to say about the events of the last week. On Monday we saw the story of Amy Cooper go viral, as a young man had the police called on him for... Read more
  • Post-Christianity and Cold Feet image

    Post-Christianity and Cold Feet

    This is a super interview of Tim Keller by Carey Nieuwhof, on reaching post-Christian America (although I suspect the lessons apply to all Western cultures). Keller's... Read more
  • On Being “Yoked With Unbelievers” image

    On Being “Yoked With Unbelievers”

    A friend of mine asked me recently whether I thought Paul's exhortation not to be "yoked with unbelievers" applied to business partnerships. Can a Christian go into... Read more
  • Livestreaming in Lockdown image

    Livestreaming in Lockdown

    During lockdown I've seen a number of videos helping preachers communicate better in a virtual environment, but nothing on how to make the rest of the service work... Read more
  • What is The Gospel™? image

    What is The Gospel™?

    In this week's Mere Fidelity podcast, we talk about the most recent iteration of the "what is the gospel?" debate that we have every few years, this time sparked by an... Read more
  • A Puzzling Pauline Paragraph image

    A Puzzling Pauline Paragraph

    1 Corinthians 14:20-25 is one of the trickiest paragraphs in all Paul's letters, because at first glance it looks like Paul is completely contradicting himself. One... Read more
  • Elders are Bridesmaids image

    Elders are Bridesmaids

    It is great that PJ Smyth has launched a new website. I've enjoyed reading some of his stuff over the last week or so, and lots of it is excellent, but this illustration... Read more
  • Does Life Have Meaning? Four Possibilities image

    Does Life Have Meaning? Four Possibilities

    It is one of the great questions: does life have meaning? Steven D. Smith, in his outstanding Pagans and Christians in the City: Culture Wars from the Tiber to the... Read more
  • The Baptism Debate

    In this week's episode of Mere Fidelity, Derek Rishmawy and I debate baptism, with Matt Anderson moderating and asking some great questions. We touch on the classic... Read more