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  • Becoming Real image
    The third most quoted author in sermons and Christian writings – after CS Lewis and JRR Tolkein – often seems to be Margery Williams. You may not recognise her name, but I bet you’ve heard of her most famous book – The Velveteen Rabbit. I most recently came across it in a book by Mike... Read more
  • Echoes of Exodus image
    My new book, Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption Through Scripture, is now out in the US (it is officially out in the UK in May, although a few bootleg copies have already been smuggled in). I've co-written it with Alastair Roberts—to whom, frankly, is due the credit for virtually... Read more
  • 2018: A Theological Look Ahead image
    I’ve made a habit of starting each year with a theological look ahead: a few headings under which I can summarise the things I’m hoping to do (or not do) in the months to come. Usually, of course, the most significant theological issue of the year is not something you can anticipate in... Read more