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  • (A Smaller Collection of) Books of the Year 2018 image

    I’m sure that many of us share the same mix of feelings when Andrew posts his annual summary of the best books he has read that year: a combination of gratitude for his hard work, interest in some of the titles mentioned, and a healthy dose of humility as we wonder how a list of almost 100 books...

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  • Books of the Year 2018 image
    This is probably the best year of books that I can remember (or perhaps I've just had more practice at choosing which ones to read). Several books that would make a lot of top tens didn't quite this time around: Karen Swallow Prior's On Reading Well, Ross Douthat’s To Change the Church and Alan... Read more
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    Regular readers will know about my passion for "Eucharismatic" church life, in which we embrace all of God's gifts, the eucharistic and the charismatic, and worship him in Spirit and sacrament. So it's exciting to see the website that Zondervan have made for my new book, Spirit and Sacrament: An... Read more