• A Sacrifice of Praise image
    Ever get to Leviticus in your Bible reading and let out a – at least internal – groan? It can feel very hard work: all that stuff about sacrifice and all that stuff about what is clean and what isn’t. Read more
  • Feeling Pride image

    June is LGBTQ+ Pride month. That’s why you might have noticed rainbow flags flying, pride events starting (they’ll actually spread across the next few months), and even the logos of some famous companies adopting the rainbow colours. This year’s celebrations are particularly significant as June...

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  • The Spoon isn’t Real image
    Last week I filled a major gap in my education and finally watched The Matrix. I know, I know – how had I not seen it before? I just sort of missed it when it first came out, and then saw so many clips and heard so many sermon illustrations that I never really felt the need to pay to watch the... Read more