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  • Finding The Common Ground image

    Finding The Common Ground

    I had a realisation recently: There may often be more common ground between opposing viewpoints on ethical issues than we tend to assume, and that recognition could...

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  • The Image, Gender & Personhood image

    The Image, Gender & Personhood

    In earlier posts, I have argued against the common idea that the image of God was lost or damaged by sin, noting that it is hard to find a scriptural warrant for this...

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  • Identifying the Image: Can Cain Help? image

    Identifying the Image: Can Cain Help?

    In my last post, I argued against the common view that the image of God is lost or damaged through human sin. Despite its popularity, there is no Scriptural warrant for...

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  • Losing the Image? image

    Losing the Image?

    Was the image of God in humanity lost or damaged when Adam and Eve rebelled against God? It seems that many people think it was. Berkhof states, ‘it is unwarranted to...

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  • Missing Millennials image

    Missing Millennials

    The UK church is ageing. Many of us might suspect this from our own contexts, and the relevant research confirms that this is a widespread reality. Millennials (those...

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  • A Protective Hedge Around the Scriptures image

    A Protective Hedge Around the Scriptures

    Tyndale House is an amazing place. A research institute for biblical studies with a library containing one of the world’s most extensive collections relevant to the...

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  • Transgender, Polyamory, and Busyness image

    Transgender, Polyamory, and Busyness

    One of the things I love about Newday is that the event doesn’t shy away from the big topics of our day. One of the priorities of the Newday team is to tackle the...

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  • Emotions and Self-Control image

    Emotions and Self-Control

    The Bible, psychology, and neuroscience are three of my favourite things to learn about. (Although admittedly my understanding of two out of the three is very much at a...

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  • Changes for CHANGED image

    Changes for CHANGED

    Controversy and confusion have been swirling around certain circles online over the last few weeks with the launch of a new initiative from Bethel called Changed. On its...

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  • Gospel Coaching image

    Gospel Coaching

    I wonder how you feel about accountability. What ideas and emotions does the concept evoke in you? My associations with accountability are largely negative. Feelings of...

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