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  • Discipling Young People On Gender image

    Discipling Young People On Gender

    How can we help children and young people to navigate the changing understanding of gender in our society? What does it look for us–whether as parents, church family,...

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  • Understanding Non-Binary Identities image

    Understanding Non-Binary Identities

    The cultural conversation on gender is fast-paced. One of the developments in the last few years has been the increasing popularity of non-binary gender identities.

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  • Abortion: Learning from the Numbers image

    Abortion: Learning from the Numbers

    I’m not a numbers guy. Numbers don’t usually excite me, and they don’t usually upset me. But there is one set of numbers which always moves me and often leaving me at my...

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  • I Could Have Been A Trans Activist image

    I Could Have Been A Trans Activist

    I’ve been reflecting recently on how Christians should view trans activists. The catalyst for this thinking has been Sharon James’ short book, Gender Ideology: What Do...

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  • The Disembodiment of Lockdown image

    The Disembodiment of Lockdown

    One of the impacts of lockdown is that many elements of life have moved online. Work, friendships, theatre, church, even sight-seeing and holidays are now online...

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  • In Praise of Brainwashing image

    In Praise of Brainwashing

    I’ve been thinking about brainwashing recently. Many people would look at my life and say I’ve been brainwashed. I was brought up in a home where a certain set of...

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  • The Wisdom of Cleanliness image

    The Wisdom of Cleanliness

    A few weeks ago I reflected on the possibility that our experience of the coronavirus pandemic might help us to better understand the Levitical laws on ritual purity and...

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  • Bearing God’s Name image

    Bearing God’s Name

    ‘You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain’ (Exod. 20:7). It’s a commandment we know well, but what does it actually mean? Most assume that the command...

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  • Learning to Bear Loss image

    Learning to Bear Loss

    Is your heart more like a cup or a set of balance scales? According to this brilliant Twitter thread by Scott Swain, it’s more like the scales, and that fact has some...

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  • Leviticus Lessons From Lockdown image

    Leviticus Lessons From Lockdown

    I’m currently reading through Leviticus. As I’ve worked through the laws on ritual purity (Lev. 11-14), I’ve been struck by some parallels with our current situation: a...

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