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  • The Power of Questions image

    The Power of Questions

    We all know how powerful questions can be. A carefully chosen question can often unlock a situation in a way that a simple statement just couldn’t. The right question...

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  • On the Teaching of Ethics image

    On the Teaching of Ethics

    Preachers, what do you fear? No doubt there are many answers we would give. Some of them would be shared by a lot of us; some of them may be confined to just a few. I...

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  • Bask in Your Identity image

    Bask in Your Identity

    Is it selfish and self-centred to spend time reflecting on and enjoying the new identity we receive in Christ? I’ve sometimes heard people suggest it is. To do so, some...

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  • Have Your Say on the Conversion Therapy Ban image

    Have Your Say on the Conversion Therapy Ban

    Should a teenager who is a Christian and is also same-sex attracted be able to receive prayer and support to help them live in line with biblical teaching? Should...

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  • Parents, Youth Leaders and Trans Teens image

    Parents, Youth Leaders and Trans Teens

    When I was leaving my teens and entering my 20s, I don’t think I knew anyone who identified as transgender. I’m not sure I would even have known what that means. Today,...

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  • How (Not) To Ban Conversion Therapy image

    How (Not) To Ban Conversion Therapy

    Imagine for a moment a pastoral scenario: a young person shares with you that they are experiencing attraction to people of the same sex. They’ve come to you as a youth...

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  • Challenging Lawful Discrimination image

    Challenging Lawful Discrimination

    For those who care about protecting young lives, there have been a couple of disappointing court rulings recently. But even when the final outcomes aren’t what might be...

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  • Thanksgiving is Foundational image

    Thanksgiving is Foundational

    I’ve always found it really interesting that Paul includes a failure to thank God as part of the core of sin when, in Romans 1, he’s explaining the unrightousness and...

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  • Why You Should Preach From Leviticus image

    Why You Should Preach From Leviticus

    What book of the Bible have you rarely, if ever, heard a preach from? There are probably a few candidates, but I bet most of us would put Leviticus pretty near the top...

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  • Introducing ‘People Not Pronouns’ image

    Introducing ‘People Not Pronouns’

    There was a time in my childhood when I thought I was a girl. I don’t remember much about what else was going on in my life at that point, but I vividly remember the...

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