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  • Got Questions About Sexuality? image

    Got Questions About Sexuality?

    We all have lots of questions about sexuality and identity. These are questions that face us because sexuality has become one of the key areas of disagreement between...

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  • Don’t Jump Over the Problem image

    Don’t Jump Over the Problem

    The new year has not started as many of us would have hoped. Lockdown has returned, but this time combined with the potential disappointments of an unusual Christmas,...

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  • Viral Vaccine Vacillation image

    Viral Vaccine Vacillation

    The approval and rollout of two Covid vaccines in the UK has been heralded by many as the answer we have been waiting for, and it has birthed hope that we may be able to...

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  • Keeping Up with the Conversation image

    Keeping Up with the Conversation

    The transgender conversation moves at an incredible pace. There is so much going on that it’s pretty much impossible to keep up. But it’s an important conversation....

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  • Made for Friendship image

    Made for Friendship

    I have an oddly vivid memory from my teenage years of learning that God wasn’t my friend. The revelation came when I heard that a church elder had declared the song...

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  • Longing for the Day image

    Longing for the Day

    Let’s be honest, 2020 has been—and continues to be—hard. So many areas of life are not as they should be. We can debate whether this is necessary, but we can’t deny it’s...

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  • Vaccine Questions image

    Vaccine Questions

    As those of us in England head into our second national lockdown, many are naturally wondering when this pandemic and the huge impact it is having on our lives will end....

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  • Looking Back at Friendship image

    Looking Back at Friendship

    I've just started reading Drew Hunter's Made for Friendship. It's a book I've been looking forward to, and just a few pages in I am already hooked. Drew's opening...

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  • A Christian Perspective on Mental Health image

    A Christian Perspective on Mental Health

    Today is World Mental Health Day. This year the day may feel particularly relevant. We're all aware that mental health problems are a significant and growing issue in...

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  • Rethinking the Land Promise image

    Rethinking the Land Promise

    The place of the land promise in redemptive history is a complicated and controversial matter. How do we understand the fulfilment of the land promise in the church age...

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