• Books of the Year 2021 image
    One of the silver linings of lockdown - and if you're a tactile, extrovert pastor there weren't many - was being able to read a lot of wonderful books this year. Many of them were connected with my work on 1776 and the origins of the post-Christian West, which means some of these titles may prove... Read more
  • Not the Think Conference image
    Next year the Think conference is taking a break as Andrew is on sabbatical. However, we have a Think-like alternative happening, courtesy of another Andrew. On the 5th-7th July 2022 Tom Schreiner is going to be in Plymouth, hosted by Andrew Larkin, teaching through the letter to the Hebrews. Read more
  • Beyond Public Toilets, Prisons and Pronouns image
    There is a veritable plethora of books about gender and sexuality out there at the moment - my bookcase will soon need some serious rearranging just to accommodate the few I've acquired and read. There is much to say and many angles and aspects to consider. But for those who just want a quick... Read more