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    Plain Speaking

    Carl Trueman’s posts on the Reformation21 blog are eagerly anticipated by some of us who post here at WYTM. His theology and emphases do not correspond exactly with... Read more
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    The other day I was having dinner with some other pastors and the conversation worked around to the ubiquity of electronic communication and entertainment. One of my... Read more
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    Leading to What?

    Andrew’s fascinating post about Doug Campbell’s reading of Romans made the aside that Duke Divinity School (rather than Harvard) “is probably the world’s... Read more
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    Point taken

    The other day Andrew posed the question, “Why are church leaders so obsessed with church size?” It is a good question. (Another good question is, “Why do... Read more
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    Presupposing a Thing or Two

    Everyone has presuppositions. Here are a few of mine: God exists; beauty and truth are real; wine is good, coke is bad. Read more
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    Series: Poverty

    Matthew Hosier and Philip Whittal engage in a debate on poverty, equality and social fairness in this five part series. Read more
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    Apologetics is Boring

    As Monday is my day off, I will often indulge myself by listening to Start the Week on Radio 4. It is often hugely frustrating, and has me shouting at the radio, but it... Read more
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    Funding Equality

    Last week the Socialist favourite in France's presidential election, Francois Hollande, said that top earners should pay 75% of their income in tax: "Above 1m euros... Read more
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    Hair-shirts and iPhones

    Yesterday Phil posed the question, “What is poverty?” To illustrate one of his points, I was walking through town recently with one of my daughters who, as we passed... Read more
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    When a Miracle is Not What You Need

    At our recent Theology Forum meeting, Mick Taylor led us through a short devotional time in which he demonstrated that miracles are not always good news. When he... Read more