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  • Funding Equality image

    Funding Equality

    Last week the Socialist favourite in France's presidential election, Francois Hollande, said that top earners should pay 75% of their income in tax: "Above 1m euros... Read more
  • Hair-shirts and iPhones image

    Hair-shirts and iPhones

    Yesterday Phil posed the question, “What is poverty?” To illustrate one of his points, I was walking through town recently with one of my daughters who, as we passed... Read more
  • When a Miracle is Not What You Need image

    When a Miracle is Not What You Need

    At our recent Theology Forum meeting, Mick Taylor led us through a short devotional time in which he demonstrated that miracles are not always good news. When he... Read more
  • A Thorn on the Rose image

    A Thorn on the Rose

    Ok, I'm breaking the rules on this one - one rule of this blog being that all material posted here should be box fresh and mint, rather than recycled. However, I... Read more
  • Giles Fraser, Mr Justice Ouseley and Christus Vicarious image

    Giles Fraser, Mr Justice Ouseley and Christus Vicarious

    Last week I spent a couple of days with the Newfrontiers Theology Forum – a team of a dozen or so who are recognized as having some kind of teaching ministry within... Read more
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    Show Me!

    I’ve been enjoying Andrew’s series on the comp/egal debate, and was pleased that in his most recent post he ended up pretty much where I told him he should when he... Read more
  • Happy Birthday to us! image

    Happy Birthday to us!

    The What You Think Matters site has just passed its first anniversary. Read more
  • Ashes to Ashes image

    Ashes to Ashes

    One of the books I currently have on the go is the autobiography of Paddy Ashdown, A Fortunate Life. I was never that convinced by Ashdown the politician, but he... Read more
  • The Ultimate Social Network image

    The Ultimate Social Network

    Do you remember life before Facebook? It might feel like the social networking site has been with us forever, but it only launched in 2004, and initially could only be... Read more
  • Handled: Part 5 image

    Handled: Part 5

    OK – last post on this subject. (Was never meant to be five posts anyway, but I just keep seeing stuff!) Read more