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  • There Ain’t Nothing Like A Friend image

    There Ain’t Nothing Like A Friend

    How much have you missed your friends during the pandemic? In our churches we are working out how to rebuild community and personal interaction as we slowly emerge from... Read more
  • To Mask or Not to Mask? That is the Question image

    To Mask or Not to Mask? That is the Question

    Sunday 25th July is fast approaching – the first Sunday in a long time that churches will be able to meet and worship as ‘normal’. What are you going to do? Read more
  • Not Just An Emoji image

    Not Just An Emoji

    This past weekend I was part of a gathering of around eighty leaders from a number of churches (Jennie, we sang) during which one of the speakers warned us of the danger... Read more
  • The Rise of the Eunuch image

    The Rise of the Eunuch

    The human race could be in trouble – not just the troubles of pandemics, economics and politics, but something far more existential: the ability to make babies. Read more
  • What is Woke? image

    What is Woke?

    Those of us who write on Think are alert to the culture wars that have raged in recent years and often post on issues such as race and sexuality. We have concerns about... Read more
  • When is Enough, Enough? image

    When is Enough, Enough?

    They said the vaccine was the way out of the pandemic. Read more
  • Have You Spoken About The Lord? image

    Have You Spoken About The Lord?

    “Have you had the vaccine? Have you had your second vaccine?” Read more
  • Banning What? image

    Banning What?

    The Queen’s Speech earlier this week, outlining legislative plans for the next session of Parliament, included the phrase, ‘Measures will be brought forward to...ban... Read more
  • Why We Drive image

    Why We Drive

    “Safety is obviously very important. But it is also a principle that, absent countervailing considerations, admits no limit to its expanding dominion. It tends to... Read more
  • Keir’s Tears image

    Keir’s Tears

    Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour Party, has offered an ‘apology’ for visiting the Jesus House – one of London’s largest and most influential churches, and one... Read more