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  • Where is Your Affection? image

    Where is Your Affection?

    OK, you’ve had a couple of days to recover from Andrew’s Books of the Year list and the annual sense of shock, disbelief, or inadequacy that overcame you at his... Read more
  • Evangelism as Exiles image

    Evangelism as Exiles

    Andrew’s much anticipated annual review of books is just a post or two around the corner. If I were to compose a similar list, Elliot Clark’s Evangelism as Exiles... Read more
  • Praying for the Election image

    Praying for the Election

    It is a truism that the healthier and more pain-free a society is the more fear and anxiety there seems to be in that society about health and pain. Read more
  • Why, why, why, Delilah? image

    Why, why, why, Delilah?

    The story of Samson is both comic (killing a thousand men with a donkey’s jawbone) and brutal (killing a thousand men with a donkey’s jawbone). It is also a story... Read more
  • The Poverty of Prosperity image

    The Poverty of Prosperity

    While in the States recently many of my friends had their heads in their hands over Paula White, President Trump’s ‘spiritual adviser’. Read more
  • Handling Halloween image

    Handling Halloween

    I am a pro-American Brit – I love the country, like the people, and could happily live there. I’m not so keen on all American imports though. I don't drink Coke and... Read more
  • Trans Children and Responsible Adults image

    Trans Children and Responsible Adults

    The surge in numbers of those identifying as transgender is one of the strangest and most confusing trends of our cultural moment. Especially striking is the number of... Read more
  • Anatomy of a Fiasco image

    Anatomy of a Fiasco

    The UK’s membership of Europe has been controversial ever since it was first suggested and certainly since Charles de Gaulle said “Non” to our joining the EEC in... Read more
  • Broken for Blessing: a Book for Ordinary People in Ordinary Churches image

    Broken for Blessing: a Book for Ordinary People in Ordinary...

    My friend Alan Frow has written a book that anyone with some kind of leadership position in any church of 200+ people should read. First, a paragraph I wrote about it,... Read more
  • Righteous Pride image

    Righteous Pride

    What should you do if your employer asks you to wear the Pride flag while at work? What should you do if your children’s school has a diversity week that seems less... Read more