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Pray for Kevin

I first met Kevin Bruursema at a TGC conference in Chicago in 2011.

Kevin was a big man: physically tall and strong, and large in love and vision. A key member of the leadership team at Chicago’s New Life Community Church Kevin was an inspiring man to meet - one of those ‘chance’ encounters that you just know is going to be fruitful. I’ve posted before about the impact New Life made on me, with their vision to plant churches across Chicago, and restart existing but dying congregations. Last year I was able to re-visit Chicago and see New Life up close, which again affected me profoundly. This is a church doing ‘multisite’ in a very impressive and effective way, under the leadership of Mark Jobe. Rather than the high-profile celebrity pastor model that often seems to come out of the US, Mark and New Life demonstrated brothers-in-arms team work and flexibility of operation between the different congregations. It actually felt more to me like a genuine apostolic movement than simply one church.

At the end of May, Kevin and a couple of the other New Life pastors visited the UK and it was great to again hear Kevin’s passion for his city, for the church, and the clarity with which he articulated this. Then, early in June, Kevin was involved in a hit and run accident and has been in hospital ever since. The energy and strength that emanated from him is no longer there and the regular updates from his wife Gillian are often painful to read. Kevin has clearly been getting excellent medical care and has made some progress, but there is a long road ahead.

I’ve been praying for Kevin, Gillian and their five kids, pretty much every day since I heard about his accident. I’d love you to join me.

Happy birthday Kevin - we’re praying!

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