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The other day one of my church members said to me, "I've started reading Andrew Wilson's blog - it's really good! And I see you appear on it sometimes too."

Due humility meant I resisted the urge to say, “May I direct you to the About Us tab on the website.” (Although, Richard, if you read this, do take a look!) Anyway, here at Think Towers, we are more than happy to acknowledge Andrew’s leading role, and we have also spotted the fact that he has a new book out. If his past form is anything to go by, I’m sure it’s terrific, and would encourage you to buy a copy. When Andrew gets a freebie copy to Jennie or me we might even review it!

In other Think news, you may have noticed that Andrew hasn’t been posting quite so regularly the last few weeks and we are hoping to increase the number of guest bloggers. Andrew Haslam’s post yesterday was excellent, and we hope he becomes semi-regular - although if he becomes too regular that may only increase the notion that this is ‘Andrew’s blog’! Watch out for one or two other new posters in the next couple of weeks, and don’t worry, tomorrow Andrew Wilson will be back!


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