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  • The Ultimate Injunction image

    The Ultimate Injunction

    I recently preached from 1 Corinthians about the gift of tongues. However, rather than diving straight into the subject of glossolalia itself, I began by spending some... Read more
  • The Death of Bin Laden image

    The Death of Bin Laden

    As more details emerge about the operation that led to the death of Osama Bin Laden, more questions are inevitably being asked. Rowan Williams has stepped into this... Read more
  • Without memory, who are we? image

    Without memory, who are we?

    Remembering is central to the Christian life.

    Remembering is actually central to all of life, although something we often take for granted. It is when we see someone...
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  • Symbols of the thing signified image

    Symbols of the thing signified

    On Mothering Sunday this year something upwards of 30 per cent of my normal congregation were missing. The deficit was more or less compensated for by a large number of... Read more
  • A Response to Rob Bell’s “Love Wins” image

    A Response to Rob Bell’s “Love Wins”

    Jointly authored by Andrew Wilson & Matthew Hosier, this article investigates the controversy surrounding the release of Rob Bell's latest book "Love Wins"...
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  • Big Fat Cultural Challenges image

    Big Fat Cultural Challenges

    One of the ways sociologists categorize human cultures is by what creates fear in those cultures. Many cultures are animist, where the main fear is one of offending the... Read more
  • The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day image

    The Sabbath and the Lord’s Day

    Christmas Day, last year, fell on a Saturday, and we took the decision at Gateway Church not to have a Christmas Day service. Partly this was a pragmatic decision – we... Read more
  • The Supremacy of Christ Over All Things image

    The Supremacy of Christ Over All Things

    At nearly 1,000 feet tall, Win Green is the highest point on the ridge of hills that runs between the counties of Dorset and Wiltshire along Cranborne Chase. This is... Read more
  • Are we Arminian?! image

    Are we Arminian?!

    I have been writing a paper on Reformed Theology for the Newfrontiers Theology Forum, and this has led me down some different reading channels from those I might... Read more
  • Getting Trained image

    Getting Trained

    A number of training courses are offered by Newfrontiers for those serving in different roles and at different levels in the local church, but the remarkable PJ Smyth is... Read more