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Introducing Hebrews: Believe Jesus

The letter to the Hebrews is a beautifully written but often overlooked book of the Bible. We don’t know who wrote it (though my money is on Apollos) and it is packed with Old Testament references and allusions that can make it appear daunting. What we do know about the letter is that was written between AD 60 & 90, and probably before the destruction of the Temple in AD 70. Its purpose is to address a Christian community who are experiencing pressure and as a consequence are in danger of returning to some form of Judaism. A shorthand summary of the letter is: “Don’t give up! Believe Jesus!”

Over the past few months I have had the joy (and challenge) of preaching through this great book. There have been times when I have experienced the most incredible liberty in my preparation and moments when I have banged my head on the desk in exasperation – but however my preparation has gone the central theme of the letter has remained crystal clear: Believe Jesus!

My plan is to turn each of the messages I have preached into a short post for the blog, that will appear in a regular weekly slot. My hope is that this somewhat more devotional series of posts will help readers to keep on believing in our amazing Jesus.

Too often we (like the first recipients of this letter) have a tendency to shrink Jesus to our scale – Hebrews turns the lens around! We can find ourselves saying things like, “Jesus is big enough to save me – but not big enough to sort my issues.” To which Hebrews replies, Believe Jesus! We might say, “Jesus is big enough for Sundays – but the rest of my life…?!” Hebrews says, Believe Jesus! Foolishly we might think, “Jesus is big enough to fit in my pocket – I’ll get him out when I need him. ” Hebrews boldly proclaims, Jesus fills the universe! Jesus is cosmically vast! Believe Jesus!

The message of Hebrews is clear: If you have no belief – believe! And if you have belief keep on believing. In every circumstance, believe. Believe Jesus when it’s winter and when it is summer. Believe Jesus when the kids are behaving like angels and when they are more like demons. Believe Jesus if there is money in the bank and when you don’t know how to pay the next bill. Believe Jesus when all your prayers are getting answered and when it feels like the heavens are as bronze. Believe Jesus when you are healthy and when you are sick. Believe Jesus when you are in love and when you are experiencing conflict. Believe Jesus when you are on holiday and when you are at work. Believe Jesus when all your plans are working out and when everything is unravelling. Believe Jesus!

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