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Believe Jesus: The Jesus Supremacy

The letter to the Hebrews launches with an extraordinary declaration about the Son (Hebrews 1:1-4):

1. He is the word of God
God is a God who speaks. He is eloquent, not tongue-tied, and has spoken to all peoples through what he has made. To Israel he spoke through the prophets and the scriptures, which were God’s true words, to God’s true people, pointing to God’s true Son. But now the word of God is made clear! God has fulfilled his promises spoken through the prophets because God has spoken with crystal clarity through his Son. This means we should never blunder through life saying, “God isn’t speaking to me.” He has! Believe Jesus!

2. He is heir of all things
The Son is the inheritor of all things. There is nothing outside the “all-ness” of this inheritance. We might perceive the world as dominated by corporations and governments, but in reality it all belongs to Jesus. The amazing thing is that (as 1 Cor 3:21 tells us) in him all things will be ours too! We might think of ourselves, “I’m nothing” – but in the Son we are possessors of the universe! Believe Jesus!

3. He is creator of all things
Why does the earth exist? Why does life exist? Because of the Son. He is no small deity – he is creator! We might look at the world and consider it to be out of control, but it is not; the creator is in charge! Believe Jesus!

4. He radiates God’s glory
The Son does not simply reflect God’s glory but radiates it. He is not so much the mirror as the source of the light. This means that the way we can know who God is and what God is like is to look at the Son. It is right to emphasize the humanity of Christ, but in doing so we mustn’t shrink his divinity! Believe Jesus!

5. He sustains all things
The Son’s sustaining of all things is active not passive. He is not merely like Atlas, carrying the earth on his back, but actively holding together every atom. The more we discover about the universe, the more remarkable the Son’s sustaining power is seen to be:

A space telescope has added to its list of spectacular finds, spotting millions of supermassive black holes and blisteringly hot, “extreme” galaxies. The finds, by NASA’s Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (Wise), once lay obscured behind dust. But Wise can see in wavelengths correlated with heat, seeing for the first time some of the brightest objects in the Universe. The haul will help astronomers work out how galaxies and black holes form. It is known that most large galaxies host black holes at their centres, sometimes feeding on nearby gas, dust and stars and sometimes spraying out enough energy to halt star formation altogether. How the two evolve together has remained a mystery, and the Wise data are already yielding some surprises.1

How do galaxies and black holes hold together? Jesus! If Jesus can hold galaxies and black holes together he can hold you together! Believe Jesus!

6. He has dealt with sin
Sin keeps us from God. It has to. But the Son has dealt with sin! We mustn’t make Christ’s sin-fixing small. It is cosmic in its scope, and makes a heaven and hell difference to our lives. The Christian is a transformed person, a new creation! Believe Jesus!

7. He rules
The prophets spoke of a king who was to come. The Son is this all conquering king! He sits at the right hand of God, where there is honour, privilege, favour, victory and power. He sits because his work is completed. Jesus truly is king! Believe Jesus!

The Jesus supremacy
The Son has supreme rule, supreme power, supreme glory, supreme creativity, supreme ownership and is the supreme word. Believe Jesus!


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