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  • Fashionable Evil image

    Fashionable Evil

    Most of us think of "fashion" as referring to largely trivial things: the clothes we wear, music we listen to, TV shows we watch, and so on. But fashions may also... Read more
  • The Missing Veil image

    The Missing Veil

    I've been reading 2 Corinthians in my devotions recently, and spending a fair bit of time in chapter 3, where Paul famously says that "when one turns to the Lord, the... Read more
  • Ex-Gentiles? image


    In a passing comment in 1 Corinthians 12, Paul refers to the Corinthian believers as those who used to be Gentiles. Many translations obscure the connection—and I'm... Read more
  • The Midrash Mash image

    The Midrash Mash

    If you've read more than a couple of New Testament commentaries, you'll probably have come across the claim that Paul (or whoever) is involved in "midrash." You may have... Read more
  • Instagram and Atheism image

    Instagram and Atheism

    Why are we so eager to be seen? What is it that drives Instagram, I’m a Celebrity, game shows, humiliating acts of self-disclosure that trade shame for fame, and the... Read more
  • Embarrassment and Evangelism image

    Embarrassment and Evangelism

    I have a theory about evangelism. Many Christians—and this includes me—have a habit of saying that things would be cringeworthy or embarrassing to our unbelieving... Read more
  • Kintsugi and Grace image

    Kintsugi and Grace

    Here's a beautiful illustration of the Romans 5:20 principle that "where sin increased, grace abounded all the more." It comes from Glenn Packiam's forthcoming book... Read more
  • When the Gods are Toppled image

    When the Gods are Toppled

    I want the great world religions taught in every school. Secular humanism has reached a dead end - and any liberals who don't recognise that are simply enabling the... Read more
  • A Eucharismatic Conversation with Glen Scrivener image

    A Eucharismatic Conversation with Glen Scrivener

    Glen Scrivener is exactly the sort of person I was trying to persuade in Spirit and Sacrament: a sharp, thoughtful, open, joyful and evangelistic Anglican who recognises... Read more
  • Anywheres and Somewheres image

    Anywheres and Somewheres

    The main fault line in contemporary society is not between right and left, or capitalists and socialists. Rather, argues David Goodhart in The Road to Somewhere: The New... Read more