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  • Ten Things I Loved About Newday image

    Ten Things I Loved About Newday

    I’ve been going to Newday for fifteen years now, and I am still surprised by what an excellent event it is. For those who have never been, here are ten things that... Read more
  • Holiday Reading image

    Holiday Reading

    People like reading very different sorts of books over their holidays. Sometimes I read the lists that other people (usually, it must be said, pastors) read on their... Read more
  • The Case for Wine in Communion image

    The Case for Wine in Communion

    Emmanuel Church Brighton recently took the radical step of serving wine at communion. (Whether the word "radical" in that sentence means "indefensible and bizarre" or... Read more
  • THINK 2019 Sessions Now Available image

    THINK 2019 Sessions Now Available

    Thanks to some sterling work from Tariq Fernandes, the audio recordings from the recent THINK conference on Revelation are already available. If you missed it, or if you... Read more
  • THINK 2020: Knowing God, With Carl Trueman image

    THINK 2020: Knowing God, With Carl Trueman

    I've been sitting on this news for a couple of months now, and I can't hold it in any longer: the speaker at next year's THINK Conference will be Professor Carl Trueman,... Read more
  • On the Restoration of Fallen Pastors image

    On the Restoration of Fallen Pastors

    Here’s a very insightful (and robust) challenge from Carl Trueman, on the Mortification of Spin podcast. His distinction between restoration to fellowship and... Read more
  • When I Grow Up image

    When I Grow Up

    Whenever I teach on eschatology, someone asks me about sex. I get fairly passionate about the new creation, and do my best to paint it in vivid colours and present... Read more
  • KJV’s Immanent Frames image

    KJV’s Immanent Frames

    A while back I became convinced that my glasses were growing bigger. I'd look at myself in the mirror in the morning, sure that someone had substituted larger frames... Read more
  • The Paradox of Privilege image

    The Paradox of Privilege

    In 2007, the Gallup organisation asked people around the world whether they felt they were leading meaningful lives. It turns out that Liberia was the country where the... Read more
  • Nature Begins, Scripture Completes image

    Nature Begins, Scripture Completes

    Frederick Dale Bruner points out that the Magi are led to Bethlehem by creation (the star), and then by Scripture (the prophet Micah), before encountering Christ.... Read more