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  • Seven Types of Atheism image

    Seven Types of Atheism

    There are seven types of atheism, argues the political philosopher and intellectual historian John Gray, and it is important to differentiate between them: (1) new... Read more
  • The Mixed Motives Behind Church Growth image

    The Mixed Motives Behind Church Growth

    I love large churches. I was a pastor at a church that grew from around 500 to around 900—which, though it's about the size of the creche in a megachurch, is fairly... Read more
  • The Genealogy of Genderfluidity image

    The Genealogy of Genderfluidity

    Carl Trueman gave a remarkable lecture at RTS a couple of months ago, entitled “Acknowledging the Unacknowledged Legislators: From William Wordsworth to Kim... Read more
  • Quo Avadim? image

    Quo Avadim?

    The more I think about it, the more annoying it becomes. The Hebrew word avadim is frequently translated either "servants" or "slaves", but on a number of occasions it... Read more
  • Six Rules for Writing image

    Six Rules for Writing

    From George Orwell’s brilliant essay, Politics and the English Language: Read more
  • Defending Constantine image

    Defending Constantine

    Constantine is the guy everybody loves to hate. He gets blamed for everything: empire, compromise, greed, warfare, corruption, idolatry, syncretism, torture, murder, the... Read more
  • The Origen of Evil image

    The Origen of Evil

    Did God create evil? Celsus, one of Christianity's first great critics, thought that this was one of the most vulnerable points of our entire religion. "If we have... Read more
  • To Change the Church image

    To Change the Church

    Ross Douthat's new book, To Change the Church, is remarkably gripping. Books about the papacy, I assume, usually aren't, but the story is both so significant if it is... Read more
  • Three Different Visions of Holiness image

    Three Different Visions of Holiness

    What is holiness? In his commentary on Leviticus 19:2, Ephraim Radner critiques two common views and argues persuasively for a third. Holiness is not primarily about... Read more
  • On Men Without Chests image

    On Men Without Chests

    C. S. Lewis makes a remark early on in The Abolition of Man that, like many things Lewis says, gets quoted all the time. "In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the... Read more