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  • It Is Obscene image

    It Is Obscene

    This is an excoriating comment on fear, social media and ideological orthodoxy from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Read more
  • Two Sides of the Rainbow image

    Two Sides of the Rainbow

    Pride month, and its commercial sponsors, is an appropriate key to understanding the priorities of the modern West. It celebrates hedonistic self-assertion. It mocks the... Read more
  • Blindness to Kindness image

    Blindness to Kindness

    If there is a storm at sea and an ocean liner is sunk, or if a hazardous weather condition brings down a commercial airliner and lives are lost, there is often an... Read more
  • The Lies That Serve Us image

    The Lies That Serve Us

    This is an outstanding twelve minute video from Justin Giboney on Christians and Critical Race Theory. Do yourself a favour and watch to the end: "Some Christians are so... Read more
  • What You Fear Shows What You Love image

    What You Fear Shows What You Love

    Our fears are highly revealing. What you fear shows what you love. Read more
  • The Cross or the Machine image

    The Cross or the Machine

    Paul's Kingsnorth's essay at First Things is one of the posts of the year. It is basically the story of his conversion, but told with a depth and beauty that very few... Read more
  • Twelve Rules for Loftus image

    Twelve Rules for Loftus

    In a superb thread, Matthew Loftus offers a number of statements that are both obviously correct, and widely rejected. If you aren't planning to read Jordan Peterson's... Read more
  • A Cold Take on Deconversion (from Josh Harris’s Brother) image

    A Cold Take on Deconversion (from Josh Harris’s...

    I've been thinking a lot about deconversion recently, and how we handle it theologically, pastorally, practically and spiritually. Of the various things I've read and... Read more
  • A Few of My Favourite Things image

    A Few of My Favourite Things

    This was a really stimulating conversation with Jim Mullins and Josh Butler, in which we talked about penguins, bacon, honey, tools, and the God of all things: Read more
  • Harry’s Mistake image

    Harry’s Mistake

    It is fantastic that Rebecca McLaughlin has written 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity. (Can you tell my oldest son turns thirteen this... Read more