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Who’s Converting Who?

The Government's announcement that it intends to ban 'gay-conversion therapy' has won plaudits. But whether it is a move that will really help people or is rather merely a case of virtue signalling ("We're gayer than you are so we can't be the nasty party anymore") is debatable. In a very helpful article Peter Ould outlines some problems with the Government announcement.

Ould says there are three questions supporters of the Government’s move should ask themselves:

If conversion therapy should be banned because it doesn’t work, why don’t we ban astrology or homeopathy or alcoholics anonymous (which has a massive drop out and failure rate)?

If it should be banned because it causes harm, what is the evidence for that (the UK Royal College of Psychiatrists doesn’t think that evidence exists) and why aren’t we banning other things that are harmful (again, we can listen to the personal stories of those who claim they were harmed by normal talking therapy for things as different as grief or weight loss – why are these things not banned)?

If it’s because “you shouldn’t fix things that aren’t wrong”, let’s ban cosmetic surgery and similar attempts to change things that aren’t actually a medical problem.

You can read the whole piece here.

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