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Believe Jesus: We’re the house!

Hebrews 3:1-6

Houses have terrific value for us, emotionally as well as economically. They often represent far more to us than mere bricks and mortar, becoming repositories of memory and comfortable familiarity. The Bible makes it clear that God also highly values his house, and that his house is where his people and his presence meet. In the unfolding revelation of scripture we see God’s house in Eden, in the Tabernacle, in the Temple and in the Church. As the Spirit of God now indwells God’s people we – remarkably – are now the house of God. This house has value, value that is defined by the builder of the house.

In this passage the letter to the Hebrews is articulating the supremacy of Christ over all and showing how Jesus is a greater leader even than Moses. This is not an inconsequential claim, as Moses occupies a position of unique honour for the people of Israel. As Dt 34:10-12 tells us, there was no-one like Moses. He was chosen by God as deliverer, prophet, lawgiver and historian for God’s people. Moses was the greatest man, and also the humblest man. There was no-one like him – but Christ is even greater.

Similarities and contrasts between Moses and Christ
1. Moses was a leader
God led Moses through suffering to become leader of his people leading to the promised land. In a similar way, God led Christ through suffering to glory so that he became the leader of his people. While Moses led the people to the promised land, Jesus now leads us in a heavenly calling – to our homeland, the new Jerusalem (Hbs 11:14,16; 12:22).

2. Moses was apostle and high priest
Moses was the sent one who led the people of Israel, and while Aaron was officially high priest it was Moses who really stood between YHWH and the people. Now, as our apostle/pioneer/founder Jesus leads us to our promised land. As high priest he atones for us and has become the one we confess. 

3. Moses was faithful
Faithfulness is an essential character of God; Moses reflected God by being faithful in all the house (v5). He displayed no selective sluggardliness, no slipshod attitude, but demonstrated his greatness through his faithfulness. Moses was a reliable witness and servant to God and his people who served ‘in’ God’s house. But the Son presides ‘over’ God’s house. This is a good house, faithfully built upon the faithful Son who faithfully watches over it.

4. Moses knew God’s glory
While Moses served in God’s house he had unique access to the owner. Such was Moses’ access that he even reflected the glory of God (Ex 34:29-35). But Jesus is the glory of God (Hbs1:3)! Christ is ‘counted worthy of more glory’ because he is the builder – and there is no building without a builder!

A good house
It is good to be in the house of God! It was good for the people of Israel to be with Moses. What a leader, apostle and priest he was. What faithfulness and glory he displayed. But it is better to be with Christ! In Christ we are made part of the family – we’re the house!

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