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Next year the Think conference is taking a break as Andrew is on sabbatical. However, we have a Think-like alternative happening, courtesy of another Andrew. On the 5th-7th July 2022 Tom Schreiner is going to be in Plymouth, hosted by Andrew Larkin, teaching through the letter to the Hebrews.

Tom Schreiner is a well-known New Testament scholar whose commentary on Hebrews in the Evangelical Biblical Commentary series was published recently.  He will expertly walk us through this letter in a way that will stimulate, encourage, and grow us in our knowledge of God and His Word, our love for Jesus through the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit.

Many of us know the importance and value of studying God’s Word but we often struggle to find the time to go as deep as we would like and, when we do, struggle to understand what we are reading.  Those in leadership, particularly pastors, preachers and teachers are often prayerfully considering what to preach through next and would relish the opportunity to have help in having a solid foundation from which to plan a series and sharpen their understanding of the text.

Hebrews is a book that shows us the supremacy of Christ, the Son in whom God has spoken His final word.  It is a book written to those struggling in their faith and ready to throw in the towel and, through its rich blend of exhortation and encouragement, helps them, and us, to fix our eyes on Jesus and persevere to the end, the day of salvation.  As such, it combines solid content and pastoral application – something we all need.  Its weaving of several Old Testament themes, and how they find their culmination in Jesus, can be both daunting and richly rewarding for those studying the book.  It is a book that many find difficult, yet contains many key theological themes that give a solid foundation to our faith and life.

You can book your place here.

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