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  • The Paradox of Privilege image

    The Paradox of Privilege

    In 2007, the Gallup organisation asked people around the world whether they felt they were leading meaningful lives. It turns out that Liberia was the country where the... Read more
  • Nature Begins, Scripture Completes image

    Nature Begins, Scripture Completes

    Frederick Dale Bruner points out that the Magi are led to Bethlehem by creation (the star), and then by Scripture (the prophet Micah), before encountering Christ.... Read more
  • White or Wrong? image

    White or Wrong?

    Should people self-identify as "white"? In normal conversation? In the church, or other specifically Christian contexts? On a census form or diversity survey? It might... Read more
  • Can Atheism Ground Human Rights? image

    Can Atheism Ground Human Rights?

    Can atheism provide the grounds for believing in universal benevolence and human rights? Well: no, says Christian Smith in his excellent Atheist Overreach: What Atheism... Read more
  • Christ and the Circus image

    Christ and the Circus

    If you have two minutes—and let’s face it, if you’re here, you do—spend them with Tertullian, and consider why Christian joys are unimaginably greater than the... Read more
  • Sexuality and the Olive Spoon image

    Sexuality and the Olive Spoon

    Here's a wonderful illustration from Sam Allberry's outstanding Seven Myths About Singleness, which Andrew reviewed recently. (Seriously, people: you should buy it.... Read more
  • Intransigent Minorities image

    Intransigent Minorities

    The first time I ever heard of Nassim Nicholas Taleb, he was accusing me of spreading bull**** on Twitter. With hindsight, he may well have been right. Prior to that... Read more
  • Follow the Money image

    Follow the Money

    A few months ago I heard a genuinely shocking statement at a leadership conference for pastors. The individual was saying that he wanted people in his community to think... Read more
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    Camille Paglia’s Provocations is not as good as the outstanding Free Women Free Men, which I reviewed last year, but it is full of punchy analysis nonetheless. As the... Read more
  • Deliberate Ambiguity image

    Deliberate Ambiguity

    Paul says a number of ambiguous things, and some of us may wish he hadn't. But frequently his ambiguities are quite deliberate, designed to help us see how two... Read more