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What You’ve Been Reading on Think

In those days Google Analytics issued a report of all that had been read on Think in the entire year. (This was the eighth such report that took place while Pollock, Wilson and Hosier were governors of Think.) And everyone was intrigued by what had been going on.

And lo, a great company has been reading Think, nearly to one million pageviews. And of this great company there were more than 300,000 unique visitors. And behold, most of these users are found in the West, from the land of Trump and Disney, and have come to Think seeking light.

And among the most read posts were shepherds and wise men; and also some perhaps not so wise.

When we had seen the stats, the word spread about what we had been told, that our most read posts are old ones. And all who heard this were amazed that what’s wrong with the Passion “translation” should still be so popular, even to thrice the pageviews of any other post. But we have treasured up all these things and pondered them in our hearts and consider that an old post is as good as new one.

Thanks for reading Think. Here’s a list of our top ten most viewed posts of 2018, with original publication date:

What’s Wrong With the Passion “Translation”? (January 2016)
What’s the Difference Between Preaching and Teaching? (May 2013)
Is Eldership Gender Neutral? (July 2018)
Is it Sinful to Lust After Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend? (March 2014)
Peterson, Driscoll and the Millennial Man (January 2018)
The Best Response to John MacArthur’s Social Justice Statement (September 2018)
Women Preachers: A Response to John Piper (May 15)
12 Rules: The Review (January 2018)
The Passion “Translation” Debate: Brian Simmons Responds (April 2016)
Does God Give and Take Away? (February 2012)

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