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The i-Poll

Last week I asked who people thought the 'I' of Romans 7 refers to.

I’ll aim to post my own conclusion on this next week, but thought you might like an update on the responses I’ve had so far. I asked for an A, B, or C answer, but lots of you clearly found this difficult and wanted to show your reasoning, and many wanted to blur the categories. Anyway, sifting the numbers as best I’m able (O wretched man that I am!), here is how it looks:

A. Paul now: 38%
B. Paul pre-Christ: 12%
C. Someone else: 14%

Some combination of A & B: 10%
Some combination of B & C: 19%
Some combination of A, B & C: 7%

Make of that what you will!

If you haven’t yet tweeted your position, it’s not too late. Please do so @matthewhosier @thinktheology


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