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On Earth As In Heaven

Fifty years ago today an event happened that changed our view of the world forever. Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders were blasted into space on the Apollo 8 mission and became the first human beings to see the dark side of the moon and the first to witness “Earthrise.”

That famous photo of the earth appearing over the moon is now both so familiar and so iconic. It is a picture that has been taken again and again by every subsequent space flight but before Christmas 1968 no-one had seen how the earth looked from space. No-one knew the way its colours contrast with the ‘plaster of Paris’ lunar surface, how beautiful it looks, and how fragile. That image helped propel the environmental movement into the mainstream and created a sense of wonder at the uniqueness of our planet.

Borman, Lovell and Anders decided the appropriate response to what they were experiencing was to read the first ten verses of Genesis 1 in their Christmas Eve broadcast to the world. God created this, and now Man was seeing it with new eyes.

That the Apollo 8 mission was timed to coincide with Christmas was significant and fifty years on what those astronauts experienced should be significant for how we approach this Christmas. Glen Scrivener and the brilliant team at Speak Life have put together a mini-documentary describing the impact of Apollo 8: Christmas, 1968 and we first saw “earthrise”. But our mission to the heavens was a reflection of the first Christmas — God’s mission to earth. Yes: He who formed the heavens and the earth left heaven for earth. That changes everything.

Take 13 minutes to watch On Earth As In Heaven, and worship!


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