Happy Birthday to us! image

Happy Birthday to us!

The What You Think Matters site has just passed its first anniversary.

In that time we’ve been visited 68,819 times (or 188.5 times per day), and in those visits people have viewed 155,813 pages (an average of 2.26 pages per visit). This suggests that however you arrive on the site, something keeps you interested enough to read at least one other page, and one in four of you then go on to read a third page.
We’ve published 248 articles, of which 16 are papers, 14 are by St Stuffed Shirt, and a vast swathe of the rest are by Andrew ‘I’d rather blog than sleep’ Wilson! (But some of the rest of us are also blogging elsewhere!*)
Our visitors have come from 146 countries from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe (but mostly the UK and USA) and other than our own blogs, google, facebook, etc., our biggest referrers have been The Gospel Coalition, Trevin Wax, First Things and Patheos.
In my very first post on this blog I wrote that we were aiming to produce material that was interesting, cogent, real, had a dash of humour, and was wholesome. I think that – by and large – we have stuck to these objectives. If you’ve been following us for the past twelve months, or have just stumbled across the site, thanks for dropping by. I hope we see you again, and that WYTM manages to make it to its second birthday!
*Editor’s note: Some of you are also tweeting, which we notice Andrew hasn’t yet tried…

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