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Corona Conflicts

Are you a lockdown sceptic or a social distancing maximiser? The longer the corona-crisis goes on the more tensions mount between those who want to move on and others who want to hunker down.

This is being played out at a global and national level in arguments between politicians, journalists and academics. (Jennie posted so helpfully yesterday on this subject.) I’ve witnessed it in my own town too, as the beach has been crowded and social distancing widely ignored, while others stay at home and lament those who are behaving as if COVID-19 didn’t exist. It’s a tension we will also be discovering in our churches. And like arguments in the UK over Brexit and in the US between Republicans and Democrats, this is one that has the potential to get ugly.

The most read post the past couple of weeks over on The Gospel Coalition site has been Brett McCracken’s outstanding, ‘Church, Don’t Let Coronavirus Divide You.’ This is the most helpful article I have read on how Christians should act towards one another at this time.

I was able to catch up with Brett for a further conversation around his article for our church podcast. You can listen to it on Apple, Sound Cloud and Spotify. Or watch it on YouTube.


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