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  • Seeing Both Sides image

    Seeing Both Sides

    ‘How can we best love and support gay/same-sex attracted Christians?’ I love being asked this question. There’s so much that can be said in response, but there’s one...

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  • Sex and the Sacred image

    Sex and the Sacred

    What’s the connection between sex and the sacred? They are two elements of life that many people think are far apart, or even in tension, but perhaps the reality is...

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  • The Relevance of Romans 7 image

    The Relevance of Romans 7

    I think we really need Romans 7, but perhaps not in the way we tend to think we do. Read more
  • The Heart of the Jungle image

    The Heart of the Jungle

    Last night saw the final of this year’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! I have to confess that I’m a fan. I like people watching; I like the contestants’ amusing...

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  • Seeing The Accuracy of the Bible image

    Seeing The Accuracy of the Bible

    Do our English Bibles accurately reflect the writing of the original authors? It’s an important question. Some would argue (or more often assume) that they don't. The...

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  • Finding The Common Ground image

    Finding The Common Ground

    I had a realisation recently: There may often be more common ground between opposing viewpoints on ethical issues than we tend to assume, and that recognition could...

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  • The Image, Gender & Personhood image

    The Image, Gender & Personhood

    In earlier posts, I have argued against the common idea that the image of God was lost or damaged by sin, noting that it is hard to find a scriptural warrant for this...

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  • Identifying the Image: Can Cain Help? image

    Identifying the Image: Can Cain Help?

    In my last post, I argued against the common view that the image of God is lost or damaged through human sin. Despite its popularity, there is no Scriptural warrant for...

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  • Losing the Image? image

    Losing the Image?

    Was the image of God in humanity lost or damaged when Adam and Eve rebelled against God? It seems that many people think it was. Berkhof states, ‘it is unwarranted to...

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  • Missing Millennials image

    Missing Millennials

    The UK church is ageing. Many of us might suspect this from our own contexts, and the relevant research confirms that this is a widespread reality. Millennials (those...

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