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  • Gospel Coaching image

    Gospel Coaching

    I wonder how you feel about accountability. What ideas and emotions does the concept evoke in you? My associations with accountability are largely negative. Feelings of...

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  • Life Lessons from Habbakuk image

    Life Lessons from Habbakuk

    I love the Minor Prophets. I think they are the hidden gems of the Old Testament. I recently preached on Habakkuk as part of a series on the Minor Prophets in which... Read more
  • Recommended Resources on Transgender image

    Recommended Resources on Transgender

    Transgender is one of the most prominent topics in cultural discussion and debate at the moment. It’s also one of the most complicated. Christians who want to partake in...

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  • The Noachic Bridge image

    The Noachic Bridge

    I’ve always found the Noachic covenant a bit of an outlier. It’s the only covenant in the primeval history and the only one to be made not just with a specific group of...

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  • Toy Story and Identity image

    Toy Story and Identity

    I fear that I may not be a great cinema companion. I recently went to see Toy Story 4 with a couple of friends. As the credits began to roll, my friends were looking...

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  • An Opportunity to Love image

    An Opportunity to Love

    According to the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), in the UK, donated sperm or eggs are used in around 14,500 fertility treatments every year. As...

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  • But He’s Given Me Himself image

    But He’s Given Me Himself

    ‘You’ve given up so much to follow Jesus.’ I've sometimes heard people say things like this. There are all sorts of things which we might give up in order to faithfully...

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  • Feeling Pride image

    Feeling Pride

    June is LGBTQ+ Pride month. That’s why you might have noticed rainbow flags flying, pride events starting (they’ll actually spread across the next few months), and even...

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  • Recommended Resources on Sexuality image

    Recommended Resources on Sexuality

    Many of us have big questions about sexuality. What does the Bible actually say about same-sex relationships? What does it look like to faithfully follow Jesus as...

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  • Is the Bible a Story? image

    Is the Bible a Story?

    The Bible is a story. I’m sure many of us have said this; many of us will even have taught it. It’s a story which runs from Genesis to Revelation, from Creation to the...

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