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  • Lessons from ‘Eighth Grade’ image

    Lessons from ‘Eighth Grade’

    I’ve recently seen a lot of references to university students as “millennials.” Conferences, news articles, podcasts, all claiming to want to reach students and... Read more
  • Film Review of 2018 image

    Film Review of 2018

    Another year has passed, another selection of critically acclaimed films that I didn’t see. As I, once more, missed some of the biggest critical hitters, it’s worth... Read more
  • The Theology of The Good Place image

    The Theology of The Good Place

    About four paragraphs into this article, I’m going to start spoiling season one of The Good Place (which has just started its third season, on Netflix in the UK and... Read more
  • Cinematic Visions of Humanity image

    Cinematic Visions of Humanity

    I’m struggling to work out what I feel about humanity and I think cinema is, too.

    Films are responding to a perceived climate of hopelessness in one of two ways....
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  • 2017 in Film image

    2017 in Film

    Both of the fans of my film columns on Think Theology may have noticed that I didn’t write much for the website in 2017. Life took over a little bit. I got more film... Read more
  • Film Review: Silence image

    Film Review: Silence

    A black screen. The escalating hum of cicadas. One word appears on screen as the noise stops. Silence. Then, the camera slowly reveals hot springs in the Japanese... Read more
  • The Film Year in Review image

    The Film Year in Review

    2016 has been one of the most exciting and busy years for me yet, but the flip-side is that I’ve seen far fewer films than normal. Never letting something like that... Read more
  • Film Review: Moana image

    Film Review: Moana

    Disney are back once again with Moana and the extent to which you already appreciate the studio will determine how much you get out of their latest. I’m an unabashed... Read more
  • When Marnie Was There - Review image

    When Marnie Was There - Review

    When Marnie Was Thereis the final film from Studio Ghibli, the Greatest Animation Studio Ever according to... well, me. I've been a huge fan of the Japanese animators... Read more
  • Film Review: Risen image

    Film Review: Risen

    In the recent Coen Brothers’ film Hail, Caesar!, which is set on a Hollywood studio lot, George Clooney’s character Baird Whitlock is starring in a Roman epic (also... Read more