Resources: Books

  • Holiday Reading image
    People like reading very different sorts of books over their holidays. Sometimes I read the lists that other people (usually, it must be said, pastors) read on their holidays and I feel exhausted; there are all sorts of titles that, no matter how worthy their content or well-crafted their prose,... Read more
  • What Would Zacchaeus Do? image
    It’s not a question that’s often considered, is it? After all, Zacchaeus was a Bad Thing. He stole and cheated, he was a tax collector, a collaborator, and a Very Little Man. We don’t often look to him for moral guidance. But perhaps we should. Read more
  • Anywheres and Somewheres image
    The main fault line in contemporary society is not between right and left, or capitalists and socialists. Rather, argues David Goodhart in The Road to Somewhere: The New Tribes Shaping British Politics, it is "between the people who see the world from Anywhere and the people who see it from... Read more