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With One Obvious Exception

Charismatic pastors don't like formal liturgy.*

We don’t like repetition or predictability, where the same set of words is used every week.

We don’t like things that make it harder for visitors to participate.

We don’t like the idea of the minister telling the congregation to do something, and then all of them having to do it.

We don’t like it when the rite of worship (or meeting plan) cuts across what we are doing and tells us we need to move on to the next bit, at the same time every week.

We don’t like routine.

We don’t like setting aside regular chunks of time to do something that isn’t singing or preaching, and we don’t like the sense of compulsion that comes with it.

It all feels a bit religious. Formal. Stuffy. Inauthentic. Tedious.

*unless it’s the offering

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