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What’s Wrong with the World?

Many readers will be aware of Justin Brierley’s radio show Unbelievable?, an apologetics show that frequently pits Christians against atheists, with a view to exploring some of the key areas of debate.

Well recently, I debated Geoff Lillis, an Irish atheist and quite the friendliest man you could hope to get stuck in a glorified broom cupboard with, on the subject of “What’s wrong with the world?” You can download the talk here (and if this is your thing, you may also be interested by the Unbelievable? conference, held on 26 May in Clapham. John Lennox, Hugh Ross and Krish Kandiah are among the speakers, and it promises to be a good event.)
You should also look out also for Geoff’s debate with Craig Keener on miracles from a couple of weeks before. Some things every Charismatic should know.

Andrew is the author of several books including, most recently, If God, Then What?.

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