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What Would Abundant Life Look Like To You?

Jennie won't promote her own book on here, so I will. It is called If Only, it's about how we handle the great disappointments in life, and it's full of practical wisdom and pastoral insight. Here's one of my favourite passages, with one of my favourite questions in italics, and it will give you an idea of what the rest of the book is like:

What is it that you need (or want)? What is the thing about which you think, “If only that were resolved, then I’d be happy” or “Life is fine, but I wish this part of it were different”? What would abundant life look like to you? A spouse? A different spouse? Children? Full health? A better job? A bigger house? A helpful exercise might be to make a list of those things, or to write a description of the life you’re longing for, highlighting the bits that you feel are missing. Then think about why you want those things - are there deeper needs that lie underneath them? What need are you looking for that house or that spouse to meet? For many of us it is simply a sense that we haven’t achieved or acquired the things we thought we would (or should) by this age. Is it a case of broken expectations? What does the enemy tell you that this lack means about who you are and how your life is going?

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