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Hoping and Dreaming

The last of our festive specials sees our theologians looking ahead. What do they hope to achieve in the next year? Why not share some of your plans, too?

Ruth Preston:

For the majority of 2011, I have not been completely well. My post entitled ‘Knowing Christ in the Dark’ was written as a result of my health. As such, this year I have been working at a slower pace than I am used to, which I hope to remedy in the New Year. Therefore in 2012, I aim to finish the theology course I have already started. I have also applied for a part-time MA at Kings College London in Contemporary Religion starting September 2012. I also work part-time in Investment Administration, and need to complete two exams, one called ‘Introduction to Securities and Investments’ and the other called ‘Financial Services Authority Regulations’.

So all in all, I have a lot of studying to do!   
Adrian Birks
Looking ahead I don’t have any particular goals for 2012, apart from my continued aims of being a devoted follower of Jesus, a faithful husband to Jenny, a good father to my teenage children Joel, Chloe & Isaac, a worthy leader in the Coign Church, and a blessing to the NewFrontiers churches in the Russian speaking world where I serve as a teacher.
I suppose if I was to add anything, it would to be blog half as often (and half as well?) as Andrew (‘how does he find the time?’) Wilson!
St Stuffed Shirt:
My aims for 2012 are humble. I intend to (a) see the successful launch of my first Christian Reality TV show, (b) grow my church attendance figures into the upper-mid-double-figures and (c) make friends with Rodney Trotter from the Reformation 21 blog. I suspect we might get on well, since we are men of such similar wit and stature, so if any of my readers were able to engineer an introduction, I would be most grateful.
Chine Mbubaegbu:
To sleep more, read more, write more, laugh more, and worry less.
Matthew Hosier:
Staying faithful and fruitful by the grace of God in Jesus Christ. Run a sub-4 hour marathon. Have lots of fun along the way.

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