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True to Form

True to Form is a pastoral and theological resource you should know about. It's a readable but in-depth look at gender and sexuality from a Christian point of view, and it forms part of the excellent Primer series that the FIEC has been producing, edited by David Shaw (who, as an irrelevant but nice aside, will be joining us at next year's THINK conference). Given its length and intended audience, it might be the most useful one-stop-shop publication on the subject I've found.

I say this for two main reasons. The first is that it covers all the issues you want to have covered—a biblical theology of gender, biological difference, homosexuality, complementarity, gender dysphoria, the implications for medicine and education, recommended resources on all of the above—as well as one or two you weren’t expecting (like a piece on Foucault and sexuality, for example). Even so, it manages to do so in a digestible level of detail; the entire publication is only eighty pages, not to mention beautifully laid out, and most of the articles are no more than ten pages. The second is that the writers are about as good as it gets on this subject: Ed Shaw, Alastair Roberts, Sam Allberry, Sharon James and co. The result is superb.

If you want a more detailed summary, David has provided one here. But seriously: this is a resource that all pastors in the UK should consider getting hold of. It really is a superb guide to the most pressing and controversial pastoral question of our time.

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