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THINK Session 8: Summary and Conclusion

In this final session, I attempt to summarise and conclude our conference by considering the future of complementarity. In the opening ten minutes I argue that it is beautiful, and different; in the remainder, I argue that it involves seeing the church primarily as a household and a family, rather than as a corporation or organisation. This cashes out in several ways, so I try to pull together the various threads of Alastair and Hannah's sessions, and apply the results to ordinary life. I draw seven applications in particular:

1. We need to see evangelism as birth, rather than recruitment.
2. We need to see discipleship as parenting, rather than orientation training.
3. We need to see relationships between the sexes as occurring between siblings, rather than colleagues.
4. We need to approach our home lives as households, rather than atomised workers.
5. We need to view our work as stewards in the family of God, rather than the city of men.
6. We need to think about church government in terms of fathers and mothers, rather than sexless leaders.
7. We need to see the church as a family on mission, rather than an organisation.

Session 8 - Family/Household or Corporation? - Andrew Wilson from King's Church London on Vimeo.

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