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THINK 2020: Knowing God, With Carl Trueman

I've been sitting on this news for a couple of months now, and I can't hold it in any longer: the speaker at next year's THINK Conference will be Professor Carl Trueman, and the title will be Knowing God: Where Evangelicals Get the Doctrine of God Wrong (And What To Do About It). We'll be hosting it at King's Church London from 14-16 July 2020.

Nothing is worth studying more than the doctrine of God. Other subjects may seem more pressing, or practical, but the knowledge of God is the highest and greatest subject to which we can give our attention.

Yet it is also much neglected within evangelicalism. The great doctrines of classical theism—simplicity, immutability, omniscience, impassibility, even the Trinity—are frequently marginalised or even denied in many churches. God may be seen as changeable, or emotional, or complex, or limited in his knowledge, or comprised of three individual centres of will, or all of the above. It is crucial for the health of the church that we understand God as he is, and not as our culture might like him to be.

So in our 2020 THINK conference, we are inviting Carl Trueman to come and help us. Carl is a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, with a long history of teaching church history in both seminary and university contexts. He writes a regular column for First Things, hosts the Mortification of Spin podcast, and has published a number of books. More importantly, he is an outstanding teacher and lecturer, and has increasingly been drawn into debates about classical theism and the evangelical doctrine of God in the present day.

For more information, or to register, click here.

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