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THINK 2019: Revelation

It's exciting for me to launch next year's THINK conference on the book of Revelation, to be held at King's Church London from 9-11 July. You can book in here; I should warn you that over half of the tickets have already gone, so you might want to get onto it now, rather than leaving it until the new year.

The book of Revelation is arguably the theologically richest book in Scripture, and it is certainly one of the most important texts for a Christian vision of worship, suffering, history and hope. Yet for all sorts of literary and structural reasons, it is also surely the most misunderstood.

In some ways this is a tragedy, because all sorts of pastors (let alone church members) are nervous about diving into it and discovering its treasures. But it is also a great opportunity. If it sometimes seems that there is nothing new to say about Luke 15 or Ephesians 2, there will always be more to see, appreciate and be challenged by in Revelation.

So for three days in July 2019, we will immerse ourselves in this magnificent apocalypse, asking all the difficult questions—beasts, harlots, numbers, flying scorpions, you name it—but keeping our eyes on the big picture (which, spoiler alert, is not “Jesus wins,” but something more subversive.) The conference will be hosted by Andrew Wilson (King’s Church, London) and will include plenary sessions, breakout discussions, meals together, and time for Q&A.

The cost of THINK 2019 is £150 per person or £225 per couple, which includes tea, coffee, meals together at lunchtime and in the evenings, but does not include overnight accommodation in London. We will begin at 3:30pm on the Tuesday, and finish by 2pm on the Thursday, at King’s Church London (we will confirm which site is hosting the event in due course). If you have any queries before the event, please email Judith on Judith [dot] Barnett [at]

Come. Take time. Be refreshed. Think.

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