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THINK 2014

This year, we're doing something a bit different with the THINK conference, turning it into a three-day event focused on Romans and the Theology of Paul. Have a look, and if it sounds like your cup of tea, then come and join us.

Romans and the Theology of Paul (1st to 3rd July, 2014)

For many busy pastors and teachers, theological training seems a distant possibility. Either we invest a huge amount of time in a theology course, or we content ourselves with the reading and preparation we do in our normal weekly routines (which may not always go much beyond our next sermon!) Short, intensive, in-service training - taking two or three days out, as a one-off, and going into a major book or theme in depth - would be ideal.

That is the aim of our 2014 conference, “Romans and the Theology of Paul,” with Andrew Wilson. Running across the first three days of July, a group of leaders, pastors and teachers will gather in High Wycombe, and go through Paul’s letter to the Romans in depth. We will look at theological and exegetical issues: “old” and “new” perspectives on Paul, and key debates on righteousness, justification, union with Christ, election and imputation. We will consider pastoral and apologetic questions, too: theodicy, judgment according to works, the “I” of Romans 7, receiving the Spirit, baptism and Israel. And we will think about the whole text as fundamentally a missionary letter, with all the implications that carries for personal and global mission today.

Accommodation with host families will be provided, and we will all eat together at lunchtimes and in the evenings, which will make this a good time for building friendships as well as growing theologically. We will begin at 3.30pm on the Tuesday, and finish by 1.30pm on the Thursday. The cost for the conference will be £100.

You can book in here.

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