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The Trumping of Andrew

It really is not in my nature to say "I told you so" - as I am generally right about everything there is very little point in my drawing attention to the fact. But I have been surprised today by the unusual reticence of my young disciple.

Nearly four years ago Andrew made the bold claim that Hillary Clinton would be elected President of the United States, providing twelve reasons for his assertion. Even at the end of last year Andrew was still holding to this prediction, and telling us how was planning to, “Gloat when it turns out that my prediction of a Hillary win in the presidential campaign, from three years ago, is vindicated in November.”

In my more modest way, I responded to Andrew’s original post with just two reasons why he was clearly wrong, and why Hillary would not be President. They bear repeating (as do all my posts, come to think of it):

1. The smart money is very often placed on the wrong otter. Five years ago the smart money was pretty much all riding on Clinton winning the Democratic nomination ahead of Obama. ‘nuff said.

2. Her age. In 2016 Clinton will be 69, and while our American cousins may like to think they are neither ageist nor sexist it is most improbable that they will elect an elderly lady as Commander in Chief.

As I have previously pointed out, while it is true that “A disciple is not above his teacher,” I am hopeful that when Andrew is fully trained “he will be like his teacher.” I’m sure we are all praying for America today, but let us spare a moment to pray for Andrew, too. It’s not easy, being trumped by an old otter.

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