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The Strange Case of Dr Wright and Mr Wright

Like many of you, I am looking forward to the THINK Conference this Thursday. It is rare that I go out of my way to attend a conference and listen to the teachings of others, since I typically operate on the principle that anything worth thinking has probably already crossed my mind! But since Tom Wright is something of a musical hero of mine, I thought it might also be worth seeing if he had anything of theological value to offer.

However, I was watching this interview by New Testament scholar Michael Bird on his theological influences and was fascinated by his comments on N.T. Wright. Listen to the section from 00.49-1.34:

I was gobsmacked. I had always naïvely assumed that Tom Wright and N.T. Wright was one and the same author and that the stylistic divergence between his writings was due to the fact that he’s still a relatively new theologian who hasn’t yet learnt to be consistent in his thinking. But now it all makes sense!

So, can we have some clarity from the conference organisers please? Which of the Wright brothers has been invited to speak on Thursday? Ought we to expect Orthodox Tom, Heretical Nick, or the two in debate?

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