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The Real Review of the Year

With Andrew’s review of 2018 recommending R-rated movies and clips with four-letter words it once again falls to me to restore order and decorum to this blog. My hopes for Brother Wilson showing a growth in decency, as well as intellect, in 2019 are strong, despite being so often dashed hitherto. Rather than a heart grown sick through disappointment, I try to keep positive. So leaving him behind us and pressing on to better things, here are my highlights of the year.

Best post, without doubt, was a contribution of my own: Praylexa. The conference of the same name, organised, hosted, and presented by me, was a ground breaking moment in practical theology. Will the church ever look the same again?

Best clip: Ever. Benedict Cumberbatch as Otter. When the movie of my ministry is finally produced, Cumberbatch will make an excellent facsimile of me.

Best book: Wilding, by Isabella Tree. It’s not only about otters – but don’t let that put you off.

Best conference: The Otter Keeper Workshop, in Portland, Oregon, was an opportunity for me to explain the particular needs of my brethren to those seeking enlightenment. Among my fellow luminaries were African spotted-necked otters, Asian small-clawed otters, giant otters, North American river otters, and sea otters. Truly, we are being gathered from every tribe, tongue and nation.

Best movie: Indeed the only movie that will be watched over the hallowed festive season in my holt, is of course, Ring of Bright Water. It may have been made in 1969 rather than 2018, but who after seeing the old otter desires the new?

Andrew, I’ll see you next year.


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