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The Essence of the New Covenant

"The doctrine of the Trinity," writes Herman Bavinck, "is the sum and substance of Christian faith, the root of all dogmas, the essence of the new covenant." Mull on that last phrase. The Trinity is "the essence of the new covenant." What does that mean? Bavinck's explanation is worth reflecting on a sentence at a time:

Religion cannot afford to be satisfied with anything less than God. In Christ God himself comes to us, and in the Holy Spirit he imparts himself to us. The work of redemption is thoroughly Trinitarian in character. Of God, and through God, and in God are all things.

It is one divine act from beginning to end. Nevertheless it reveals a threefold distinction: it is summarised in the love of the Father, the grace of the Son, and the communion of the Holy Spirit ...

The triune God is the source of every blessing we receive. He is the mainspring of our entire salvation. In his name we are baptised: that name is the summary of our confession; that name is the source of all blessings that descend upon us; that name is and remains eternally the object of our praise and adoration; in that name we find rest for our soul, and peace for our conscience. Above, before and within him, the Christian has a God.

- Bavinck, The Doctrine of God

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