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The Chronological Argument Against God

It turns out there is a chronological argument against the existence of God. It goes like this:

1. It’s kind of suspicious that the earth has been around for billions of years, and then God suddenly decides to create people. I mean, why wait so long? [Well, perhaps because there’s more to creation than simply human beings? It’s hard to say for sure.]
2. It’s even more suspicious that he decided to raise Jesus from the dead before we had cameras or YouTube, to check out whether he actually did. [Right. Nobody can fake photos or videos these days, can they?]
3. Therefore God (probably) doesn’t exist.

This enthymeme is so asinine as to hardly be worth commenting on, except for the fact that I just found a version of it on the blog of PZ Myers, who really ought to know better. For now I shall amuse myself with the thought of what a savaging five apparently authentic YouTube videos of the resurrection, from apparently independent cameramen, would receive from the New New New Atheist movement, two thousand years after they were filmed. Somehow I suspect the chronological goalposts would have moved by then.

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