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The Chariturgical Guide to Loitering

It is with very real, though truly humble, excitement that I can announce my forthcoming book (the latest of dozens), The Chariturgical Guide to Loitering.

As my many faithful readers will know, I have in recent years been urging the more shallow waters of the church towards a deeper experience of spirituality: this is the liturgical aspect of my labours. At the same time I have been encouraging my more sluggish brethren towards a more free-flowing, charismatic, expression of worship: my bestselling book, The Chari-Current, explored this magnificently.

Now, with my latest publication, I am bringing these streams together with a fresh exploration of the spiritual discipline of chariturgical loitering. To whet (and wet) your appetite, here are examples of some of the chapters (or eddies) contained therein.

Hanging about for the blessing. This chapter gives practical and failsafe tips on how the busy pastor can ensure he never leaves a pastoral appointment without receiving that extra slice of cake.

Lurking for love. Especially with single members of the congregation in mind, this chapter offers top tips on how pastors can act as heavenly match-makers; bringing lonely hearts together in a slow blossoming of romance.

Vagrant in vain. In this crucial chapter I describe (with painful personal testimony) the pitfalls of pursuing loitering a step too far: “In all things moderation.”

Idling for inspiration. Many of my finest sermons – and best books – have been produced essentially with no work at all. This, brief, chapter describes how I do it.

Ladies of leisure. In this chapter I focus on the important role of the pastor’s wife.

As I’m sure you can see, this is going to be essential reading for all busy pastors. It could literally change your life: get chariturgical, move less, loiter more.

Available in all good bookshops soon.

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