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The Bible Says More About X Than Y

“The Bible says more about this thing than about that thing.” Sometimes, statements like this are made simply as statements of fact, pieces of biblical trivia about which phrases appear the most. Frequently, however, they are made in a loaded way to make a specific point, with a view to relativising what the Bible says about that thing. The classic example these days, “the Bible says more about greed than about gay sex”, is exactly this sort of statement: X appears more than Y, therefore X matters more than Y, therefore Y doesn’t really matter, now, does it?

Logically, this contains at least two non sequiturs. But there is a more amusing and direct way to tackle the problem, as Doug Wilson explains in response to Wendell Berry:

Second, let me briefly respond to Berry’s observation that the Bible has a “lot more to say” about other sins, like fornication and adultery. This is quite true, and almost entirely beside the point. Say that a mother came home from grocery shopping to find out that her twelve-year-old son had set fire to the couch. When she was remonstrating with him, suppose further that she was met with the argument that he had been listening carefully to her for years, and that she had always had a “lot more to say” about table manners than this. This may be perfectly true . . . and yet . . . the couch.


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