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The Best Message I’ve Heard This Year

I have never heard anything quite like Duke Kwon's closing message at LDR. I listened to it the other day, and it had me reeling, open-mouthed and shaking my head on the A20. It is an extraordinary blend of biblical application, prophetic challenge, practical wisdom and sheer oratory on a subject—Speaking the Truth in Love, in the context of race relations—that is crying out for all these things. I didn't think it likely that I would hear a better message this year than Francis Chan's at Newday, but there we are. (Aside: yes, this is comparing apples and oranges—a sermon at a youth conference, and a non-sermon at a leaders event—but then sometimes, I think it's OK to say that you thought a particular orange was tastier than a particular apple.)

I was going to give a number of excerpts from Duke’s message here, but fundamentally I think this is a message that needs to be heard, or even seen, not read. Download it, or podcast it, and listen to it, ideally uninterrupted. Seriously.

You’re welcome.

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