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The Apostolic Church Can Relax

The apostolic church knows that it's sent to proclaim a gospel that will look after itself. The apostolic community knows that Jesus Christ is alive, unfettered and omnipotent, striding ahead of us into the world. It's not the church's task to do Jesus Christ's work for him; it's the church's task simply to let him do his work to us and among us and to be the means through which he many choose to do that work. The rest isn't our business. When we do make it our business - when instead of being ministers of the gospel we take it upon ourselves to look after the gospel - then we cease to be apostolic, and thereby we very quickly forfeit joy and peace and hope. Joy and peace and hope in the church are inseparable from believing, and believing - faith in Christ - means freedom. God is God; God will do God's work and will draw us into that work as he chooses. Therefore - relax.

- John Webster, Christ Our Salvation: Expositions and Proclamations

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